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At Some Point...

25 April 2013

some point
Finally... it's quiet
No more execution, judgement, praise or mockery.
The only one remain is you with your mind.
You're free now to express what you see and feel.
They only can look you up from the far place
hiding themselves from your eyes.
But never mind, ignore them.
They just want to see you
about how you get things done
then leave their thought in their mind
but don't ever think you will hear it
because they don't want to.

Finally... it's quiet
You found yourself like in the big box
You're free to do whatever you want.
Scream as you can,
laugh as you can,
cry as you can,
rolling like the dice
and rise a random number on your face
or you can kill yourself inside instead.
No more execution, judgement, praise or mockery.

At some point, no more...
Just you, your mind and yourself remain.
Its all about any decision
to pick of destiny of yours
then sing your song of joy
at each day's new breaking.

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at last but not least, you're free. are you happy now?

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at some point, yes... I'm free
at some point, yes... I'm happy
I think you're right: not least... :)

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